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I did not subscribe to this service, why am I receiving messages?
The subscription is only activated when a subscription action has been initiated from either your mobile device or desktop. We do not send any messages to a mobile phone number or email if the user is not subscribed to one of our services. Possibly you may not remember sending the message. Also you need to be careful if or when lending your mobile phone to people.
How can I unsubscribe?

We’re sorry to see you go :'(

If you have any feedback regarding our services we would love to hear your thoughts here. There are several ways to stop the service: 1. Via the product directly: Click the URL link provided in your received subscription SMS and on viewing the product portal, then access “My Acccount” from the menu, under “My account” you should be able to see an option to “Unsubscribe”. On selecting the unsubscribe option, You will be unsubscribed immediately. 2. Via telephone help line: customers can call the live help line number 1300886534 and follow the instructions provided. 3. Via web support portal: by visiting our Product Subscriber Management Tool and following the instructions provided on screen. 4. Via email to the support with your mobile number and the word unsubscribe in the subject line. Email address is :

  • for NoLimitsGames
  • for GamesHaus
  • for mHub
  • for InGame
  • for Joocey
  • for FiiTR
  • for Prosports
  • for Heroworld
  • for Mobiguard Pro
  • for
  • for


I did not know this was a subscription service?
All advertisement material clearly states that this concerns a subscription service. Furthermore, after subscribing the customer receives a free of charge information message stating the costs of the service, frequency, information on how to opt-out and a website address to access the service as well where he/she can find more information on the service.
What is Complaint Escalation Process?


We are committed to handling and resolving complaints in an effective and efficient manner. Our complaints escalation process is designed to encourage the fast and efficient resolution of your issue. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Contact the Customer Service (CS) Team on 1300 886 534* or via If your complaint relates to our service, your complaint will be initially handled by a CS representative who will ask you information about you and your complaint. This information will be recorded in our internal complaint management system. For complex matters, the CS representative will investigate the dispute and endeavor to reply to you within 2 business days with a resolution or plan to resolve. In some circumstances, this may take longer due to the complexity of the issue. Should we fall outside the anticipated time frame, we will contact you to advise. Upon email receipt of your complaint, you will receive acknowledgement within 1 business day. *the 1300 applies to Australian complaints only. For other jurisdictions, please contact us via

Step 2: Escalation to Head of Customer Service If you remain dissatisfied that the CS representative was not able to resolve your complaint, you may ask for your complaint to be escalated to the Customer Service Manager or a senior member of staff if the Customer Service Manager is not available. The Customer Service Manager will review the complaint and respond within 2 working days. In some circumstances, this may take longer due to the complexity of the issue. Should we fall outside the anticipated time frame, we will contact you to advise.

Step 3: Further options If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you may be eligible (depending on the nature of your issue) to contact (if step 1 & 2 have been followed) the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) for independent advice. The TIO is a dispute resolution service for the telecommunications industry and are independent. The TIO can be contacted as follows: Phone: 1800 062 058 Fax: 1800 630 614 or online: We ask that you allow us the opportunity to exhaust all possible avenues before going to the TIO or other regulatory bodies such as the Office of Fair Trading as this will generally provide a quicker outcome.

What do I pay for the service?
  • For the NoLimitsGames service you will be charged at $6.95/week or $19.95/month.
  • For GamesHaus service you will be charged at $5/week
  • For mHub service you will be charged at $5/week for Telstra customers and $5.95 + 2x$5/week for Optus customers.
  • For InGame service you will be charged at $5/week.
  • For Joocey service you will be charged at $5/week.
  • For FiiTR service you will be charged at $5/week.
  • For Prosports service you will be charged at $5/week.
  • For Heroworld service you will be charged at $4.95/week or $18.95/month.
  • For Mobiguard Pro service you will be charged at $1/week.
  • For service you will be charged at $1.99/week.
  • For InGame Cricket service you will be charged at $5/week.
  • For service you will be charged at $5/week.
How can I sign up for services?
When you are surfing the internet you might come across one of the Convey services banners or promotions, that you are interested to join. On clicking the banner or promotion, you will be asked to confirm your subscription either by clicking a confirmation button or by entering your mobile phone number and then entering in the PIN message sent to you, you will receive a free service subscription confirmation message. The moment you click the confirmation button and receive the free subscription confirmation message, you are officially subscribed.
I'm a subscribed customer but keep getting asked to join again.
If you have subscribed to one of our awesome products you were probably on a 3G or 4Gmobile connection, and now you might be on a WiFi connection, try to switch that off WiFi and try your link again. Remember to easily access your great product again, just “Add to home screen” in your browser menu. If you still can’t access your great product or feel there is a problem, just contact us on 1300 886 534 or click here to leave a message, and one of our friendly staff will help you out.
My child subscribed to the service?
To unsubscribe your child from our service directly, please visit our Product Subscriber Management Service and follow the instructions provided.  For other unsubscription methods please see section 2
Can I enjoy being a member of more than one service at a time?
Yes! Certainly, you can be a member of one or more of our services and have fun with all the services we provide in market.
If i run out of MoCoins can i get more?
Yes! Each week your Account is loaded with more MoCoins and if you are keen on getting more, you can top-up via your “My Account” page when your MoCoins are running low.
How many games can I play a week?
Our NoLimitsGames & Games.Haus products offer unlimited access so you can play as many times and as long as you like while subscribed to the product from a selection of over 200 games!!
What is the NoLimitsGames leaderboard?
It’s an exciting new feature which lets you compete with other members of the community and tracks your improvements. Let the competition begin.
I accidentally unsubscribed! How do I join again?
Just go back to any of the earlier notification messages and click the access link, we will AutoDetect your unsubscription and guide you through the re-subscription process again.
Can I access my product subscription from my desktop, laptop or tablet?
Yes, certainly you can. A single subscription allows you to access the services from mobiles, tablets & desktop or laptop. Certain services such as NoLimitsGames even allow you to access from the desktop, tablet & mobile all for one low price. 1. Click on “Sign in” on the upper right side of the menu. You will be forwarded the login page. 2. You will be able to choose between login via your mobile phone number, via email or via facebook. 3. Follow the steps on the screen and get access to your service and personal Account information. The first login might require you to go through some extra steps as we have to connect you profile to your login credentials. Once you’re logged in you can access your product.
Help Desk Number:  1300886534